Plastic Stickers For Glue Pallet – Pack of 10


Ingalash&CO’s Plastic Pallet Stickers are designed to enhance and prolong the usability of your glue drops and glue pallet. These stickers are a simple yet effective solution for lash artists seeking efficiency and cleanliness in their craft. Say goodbye to messy jade stones or glue holders and welcome a streamlined process that not only saves time but also adhesive.


  • 10 disposable stickers per pack, designed for single use;
  • Keeps glue holder clean, extends glue freshness, and improves lash extension retention.
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Why Ingalash&CO Pallet Stickers?

  • Maintain Cleanliness: Keep your jade stone or glue holder spotless, avoiding the hassle of sticky residues and ensuring a tidy workspace.
  • Extend Glue Freshness: The cool surface of the sticker, coupled with your stone, extends the life of each glue drop, allowing for optimal use and less waste.
  • Improve Retention: By maintaining the glue’s freshness longer, you enhance the overall retention of lash extensions, resulting in happier clients.
  • Cost-Efficient: Each pack contains 10 stickers, offering great value by reducing glue waste and the need for frequent pallet cleanings.

How to Use?

  1. Prepare: Simply peel off one Plastic Pallet Sticker.
  2. Apply: Place it securely on your jade stone or any glue holder you use.
  3. Use: Dispense your glue drop directly onto the sticker for a clean, efficient application.
  4. Dispose: After use, remove the sticker and dispose of it responsibly, leaving your pallet as clean as before.

With Ingalash&CO’s Plastic Pallet Stickers, streamline your lash extension processes and focus on what truly matters – delivering exquisite results with every application. These stickers are game-changers, ensuring that every glue drop is maximised for retention and quality.

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